Bob Moline

By birth, Bob Moline is an Indian, a Comanche. By chance, he became a cowboy. By choice, he’s an artist.

Bob Moline

Bob Moline

BOB MOLINE is a Comanche Indian who spent time on ranches in West Texas during his early years. As a young man he learned the art of saddle making and earned a living for thirteen years as a saddle maker at Windy Ryon’s of Fort Worth while teaching himself to be an artist.

Bob is proud of his heritage and has made a special study of his background, history and legacy by researching the traditional ways of the Indian people. This extensive research, combined with his experience during his early years as a cowboy, can be seen in all his art works.

Ranch work not only gave him an understanding of the west, ranching, cowboys, but he was able to study the physical characteristics of horses, cattle, and ranches as well. He paid close attention to the clothing the cowboys wore and the saddles and equipment they used. He was a close observer of the physical detail, the actions, and spirit of the west.

The art of Bob Moline portrays both the west and yesteryears. His early years on the ranches working with cowboys in cattle drives, round-ups and branding had a profound influence on his life. He enjoyed sitting around the campfires eating from the chuck wagon and listening to the cowboys’ storytelling.

Bob now lives in Fort Worth and is devoted to his work after becoming a full-time professional artist in 1973.

He won the coveted Randy Stephen Award in 1978, and at a show in Louisville, Kentucky the Governor commissioned him a Kentucky Colonel of the State of Kentucky. Bob has many other accomplishments, most recent is “Texas Cowboys”, a coffee table book illustrated by Bob Moline.

Bob works in oil, acrylic water color, pin and ink, pastel, and sculpture in which he is noteworthy.

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