David Griffin

Painting to me is more than a vocation, it is a calling to satisfy a deep desire to speak in a visual medium. I want to paint with an attitude and a passion for a lifestyle uncommon but not forgotten, the American cowboy “who sacrifices so much to get to do what he does.”

David Griffin

David Griffin

The reason for my interest and passion in the original American hero has it’s roots in my paternal grandfather the original L.M. “Rip” Griffin a cowboy, who worked on the Matador Ranch 1908-1920. My heritage with the American cowboy and the West is a real one, established and nurtured by my grandfather’s memory and lifestyle. An early cowboy’s life was anything but easy, but none the less full of adventure and freedom.

My ability to portray those heroes is not without it’s own struggles. Painting is hard work, but I’m committed to improving my ability to communicate the story in a passionate way, with honesty and vitality that the subject deserves. Although the American cowboy is not the only subject I enjoy painting, I am satisfied that I value God’s gift in whatever stage I’m in, and that my purpose is to be the best steward of that gift I can be.

Born in 1952, David grew up in Lubbock,Texas. After studying Fine Art at Texas Tech University, he was invited to attend the first Illustrators Workshop New York, where for two years he studied with Bernie Fuchs, Mark English, and Bob Peak. His work was recognized many times by the Illustrators Annual national show during the 1970’s.

In 1985, he began to devote full time to painting professionally, sharing a studio with Bart Forbes for the next 10 years. He also studied with Bettina Steinke and James Reynolds. In addition to having his work featured in magazines articles and corporate collections, David has been invited to participate in these nationally recognized shows: American Art Classic; Houston, Renaissance Show and Sale Dallas, Texas Art Gallery Collectors Sale Dallas, Texas Art Gallery Patron Auction, Settler’s West; Tucson, Oil Painters of America Exhibit (Award of Excellence), Salon International (jury top 50 Award); Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale, Denver.

David and his wife Lorna live in Dallas, Texas, where they raised their three children, Ryan, Elizabeth, and Michael.

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