Douglas B Clark

Douglas B ClarkDouglas B Clark is a sculptor and painter working in bronze and oil paints. He is a native of Fort Worth and a fourth generation Texan. He has loved drawing since early childhood, and was inspired by the paintings of his father as well as the works of Remington and Russell. Doug has always had a great interest in the American West and the scenery and animals of the region.

 David Dike, of David Dike fine Art, said, ” Douglas Clark’s bronze sculptures capture the character of the animals he depicts. Clark’s inspiration is animals in their natural habitat; the animals exude both a peaceful and powerful spirit. His bronzes are beautifully crafted and are collected by both new and seasoned buyers.”

 Doug prefers to work from life and his own photography and field sketches. He can often be found sketching, painting, or sculpting at the Fort Worth Zoo and at the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District as well as at annual events like the National Cutting Horse Association’s Futurity and the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. His work is also greatly influenced by his extensive travels across the western United States and Canada. It is his love of the West that fuels his creative spirit.

He is a member of several professional organizations including the Outdoor Painters Society, The National Sculpture Society, The American Plains Artists and the Texas ArtistsCoallition. He participates and has won awards in local, national, and international shows. His sculptures and paintings are in public, private, corporate, and university collections.

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