Mary Baxter

Mary Baxter at home in Marfa, Texas

Mary Baxter at home in Marfa, Texas

Mary Baxter’s landscape paintings are contemporary treatments of locations throughout the Big Bend region, from Big Bend National Park to the Davis Mountains and the Marfa Plateau. They are quiet moments of light and life in this desert: the plants, animals, and landscapes. Smaller studies are made outside ‘en plein air’, and larger paintings of six feet or more are created in the studio from sketches and notes.

Mary lives and paints in Marfa, Texas.

I moved to the Big Bend region in 1994, when we had leased a ranch Southwest of Marfa for raising cattle. Most of the time I lived there by myself, checking water and putting out feed, and training some horses for extra income.

The landscape was growing on me and I began to paint my surroundings. I had previously studied printmaking at the University of Texas at San Antonio. This was in the pre-digital age and the only place to have film developed was in Alpine, two and a half hours away. So I learned to rely instead on sketches and notes for reference, a practice I still prefer to use today.

For several more years while I painted this area, I supported myself through training and trading horses, and sometimes working a season on the high-goal polo circuit in Florida or California.

Now I just paint and sculpt. I love my job, and I especially like that I can make my living off this land without having to alter it in any way.

~ Mary Baxter

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