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Sharon Hodges

Sharon Hodges

A native Texas, I, Sharon Hodges, fell to earth in 1955.*

My genetic family includes an artist aunt, farmers, ranchers, engineers, social workers, architects, missionaries, CIA, geologists, gardeners, golfers (lots of golfers), historians, teachers, all creative in their fields. I am blessed with many acquaintances, and a few lifelong friends.

My mother still has our first four oil paintings I produced at age 10-ish. I forgive her. At age 12, a landscape sold for $35.00 at the Dutch Art Gallery, in Dallas, Texas. Intimidated, I abandoned paint for teenage life in the seventies. I survived.

Flash forward > three decades of education (BFA University of North Texas), career, family, passports, pets, (the stuff of life, lived), and I still want paint. No, actually, I need paint.

Finally, painting is allowed priority. I paint full time now at my studio near downtown Dallas. If asked to put a tag on it, I would start with “contemporary impressions”. I am interested in exploring my subjects with strong brushstrokes and lots of paint, strong color, heavily applied. I love the feel of the paint as I move it around, defining the forms. Life is good.

Painting is my adjective. I appreciate the opportunity to share my work with you. thank you for being a patron of the arts.

*This is not a lie…I was a breech birth.

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